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Frequently Asked Questions

1:How do you work, what is your process?
A:We have a five stage process


Initial Estimate.
We will share a estimate based on your requirements, once approved, we will move to design stage after receiving payment of 3% of estimate as advance.

Design / Documentation stage
Our design team will visit the project, survey and document the existing details. We will prepare designs based on your requirements. The design stage is iterative, we will move forward based on your feedback. The approved design is documented to detail . We will provide a revised estimate based on approved design. Once the design and revised estimate is approved, we will move to next stage.

Factory Production
Units will be manufactured as per design at factory.

Installation at site
Units will be installed as per location at site. If design requires on site works, the same works will be carried out and finished.

Project Handover
Once all works as per approved estimate are completed, the project will be handed over.


2:Would there be a difference between initial estimate and final costing?

A:Change to estimate can happen if there is change in requirement or sizes of the units have changed. Typically we have seen that items can get added or removed, estimate can vary accordingly.

3:How much time you take for project completion?
A:From 45 to 90 working days based on scope of work.

4:What materials do you use?
A:Core material we use for units is Plywood. We use block boards, MDF for doors.

5:What type of finishes you have?
A:Laminates, Veneers, Glass, Aluminium, Gloss/ Matt PU, Acrylic.

6:What brand of plywood do you use?
A:We use industry leading brands, they include Century, Greenply etc.

7:What brand of accessories do you use?
A:Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Salice, Kessebohmer, Ebco, Peglar.

8:What type of designs do you do?
A:Our designers provide design based on your taste. The designs cover a broad range of styles and are not limited to any type. They include Traditional, classic, contemporary, modern, minimal, mid century modern, Industrial, eclectic etc.

9:How much time you take for design phase to complete?
A:Average design time we have seen is around 30 days, every iteration takes around 5 to 7 days. We have also seen design phase completed in 2 weeks, the time for design is dependent on client decisions and time.

10:Do you take up electrical, plumbing, painting works?
A:Yes, we take up electrical, plumbing, painting and associated works.

11:Do you do Kitchen countertops and tiles?
A:Yes, we do Kitchen countertops and tiles

12:What are your payment terms?
A:3% Design advance, 47% Production advance, 45% before dispatch of materials, 5% After completion

13:What type of warranty you give?
A:2 year free service for the products.  5 Year warranty for units.

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